Intuitive Art Class

Do you suffer from artists block from time to time? Have you started a hundred different types pf paintings and struggled to finish anything? Then my Intuitive art classes could be for you!

I designed the Intuitive art class specifically to help creatives come together, join forces with each other and help get you out of that dreaded artist block! Sometimes we creatives need each other from time to time, to support each other and give each other that new sense of confidence in our artworks. It is all well and good sitting in your studio by yourself or at home, and then you end up stuck on a certain aspect of your artwork, and there is nobody around to help give you that advise and motivation needed. This class is aimed to bring in that much needed positive changes to your artwork and even career.

It is always a great way to meet new creatives around you in a safe space and get to know and learn different techniques from each other. This class is for all levels, there is no judgment.

classes will be back up and running soon. watch this space.

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