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This special boy ‘Haku’ was commissioned by his dear owners. Acrylic on canvas & framed. For any pet portrait enquiries please email.

The Year Of The Tiger

Acrylic on Canvas This painting was created for an art swap exhibition which was held in ArtCetera Studios, Belfast, from 17th – 19th February 2022. The subject of this piece was to highlight not only the beauty of a tiger but the endangerment these animals are still in due to climate change & human interactions. …

Goddess Isis

Acrylic on canvas,With 4c Gold leaf.46″ x 80″ After working on this over the course of a year I finally completed this painting. After I finished “Anubis” for some reason Isis called to me, & to be patient and take time with her. The scripture in the background are all hieroglyphics which you can find …

Anubis - H M Constance


Acrylic on canvas with 4c gold leaf on canvas. Anubis was the son of Isis. When Osiris was killed by Seth it was Anubis that travelled to the four corners of the world searching for Osiris body. He brought each piece back together and thus the term mummification was born. He helped resurrect Osiris who …