Hannah Constance

Hannah M Constance was born in Australia, but then moved to Ireland at a young age with her family. Hannah has always had a passion for art from an early age, & went on to study a Bahons in Fine art & professional practice at the university of Lancaster, where she graduated with a 1st class honours in 2015.

Having travelled across the world for a few years she took a break in her artwork to gain more inspiration from around the world. She traveled to India, Nepal Thailand, South Africa, & more spending time with various groups & learning from different cultures & their history. Hannah specialises in acrylic & oil mediums but has recently found a new love for large mural work using spray paints. Her artwork mainly focuses on animals & the natural world, various cultural aspects including mythology and has a keen interest in spiritual growth.

Currently she resides in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Here she has teamed up with her fellow artists and is Co-founder of Vibrancy Collab, an artists collective working together across N.I in promoting every kind of artists trade.