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Fraggle Rock ltd mural

Fraggle Rock ltd are a coral farm based in Belfast. Their aim is to protect and grow many different species of coral in a healthy environment before selling them across Europe to live happy little lives in tanks. I was asked to come down and spruce up the entrance hallway in the Head quarters. We …

Hype Websites Mural

Hype websites are a business in located in Banbridge, Co. Down. This website development company wanted a futuristic city theme. The mediums I used here where spray paints & post pen markers. For any mural enquiries please email.

Mystiques Enchantments

Shop Sign & shutter mural Mystique Enchantments is a holistic store situated in Belfast city. This mural was inspired by all things magical! Here I used Montana spray paints to create a full moon & witches silhouette shop front. I also re-created the typography & logo banner using sign post paint & spray paints. a …

Rainbow Wall

Pierced by Them rainbow wall mural Pierced By Them is a piercing studio located in South Belfast, which also provides a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. Inspired by the LGTQB+ flag & a 70s aesthetic. the mediums used for this mural where wall paint. For any mural enquiries please email.

Aloha House Mural

Hand-painted mandala mural completed at Aloha House, Kilorglin in County Kerry, Ireland. This mural was designed & created in the namaste yoga/aerial yoga studio situated at Aloha House which is a guest house & yoga retreat accommodation. The mediums I used here where Montana spray paints & various brands of wall paint. The concept developed …

Homehub Studio Mural - H M Constance

Homehub Studio Mural

A jungle inspired mural complete with a waterfall & bird of paradise flowers. This mural is located in Home-hub Studios at the Blackstaff Mill in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Home Hub is an inclusive welcoming space, dance & yoga studio in West Belfast which is a catalyst for empowering people to instigate positive change within oneself …